The Nykaa of ‘ OmniChannel retailing ’ – A successful journey powered by Vinculum

August 18, 2017
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The Nykaa Story is a leading one-stop online store for all beauty and wellness needs. Currently, it has nearly half a million customers with 800+ curated brands and nearly 1 lakh products listed on it. In recent years, Nykaa has ventured into private label products and offline retailing as well. Currently, it has over 20 retail stores spread across India.

After being a leader in beauty eCommerce, Nykaa wanted to offer their customers holistic shopping experience. The natural extension was to allow a touch-and-feel of products in a physical store.

“Nykaa has strategically decided that we will own beauty in this country, we have already owned beauty eCommerce without a doubt, we are now starting to own physical retail in beauty, we already own content in beauty.” Nihir Parikh, Chief Business Officer, Nykaa

Initially, Nykaa collaborated with Vinculum to turbocharge their online operations and processes. Vinculum continued to support Nykaa in their OmniChannel journey and helped them transform their business to become a leader in OmniChannel retailing in the business of beauty.

“So building a true omnichannel experience is going to be a key thing and a differentiator for us going forward and which is where we are going to expect Vinculum to support us and they are supporting us in building the order lifecycle management as well as customer lifecycle management and giving that true omnichannel experience” Sachin Parikh, CFO, Nykaa

THE SOLUTION – How we helped:

In order to grow across channels, Nykaa required an end-to-end solution to seamlessly manage their offline & online operations. Nykaa was already using Vin eRetail Suite (Vinculum’s flagship SaaS-based product) for online order, inventory and returns management. To foray into the brick n mortar space, they just required a POS solution to be able to sync with store operations and update all master data accordingly.

Vinculum’s Vin eRetail, a SaaS-based suite for inventory management and order fulfillment including cloud POS enabled omnichannel retailing for Nykaa. The offering included –

  • Seamless MultiChannel Order Fulfillment
  • Real-time view of inventory across channels
  • Warehouse management for multiple warehouses via a single software
  • Implementation of solutions like OMS and WMS that could save on costs and resources for order management.
  • Improving their core processes by arranging inventory batches as per product expiry dates.
  • Seamless order processing without any hiccups – one of which was mismanagement while assigning orders to warehouses.
  • Cloud POS solution for Billing Sales, Customer Management Inventory Management, Inbound operations, Outbound memo,  Customer Returns, and generating Store-level Reports
  • Integrating the orders with handheld devices to improve the process efficiencies.
  • Maintaining and building their performance – our solution helped them create reports to track vendor ratings and measure productivity.

Here’s what Sachin Parikh says about Vinculum “One thing about Vinculum that we really liked is their single dashboard which is very important to make sure employee strain and training time was actually reduced for the single dashboard for data as well as source of information for us”

“We now actually do more than 3 lakh orders and we have reached a scale of doing 20,000 orders a day which is where the Vin eRetail system when it comes to order management, inventory management syncing with our frontend system is very important.”

Using Vinculum has been a great decision, he mused – “What we like about Vinculum and the team is the agility that they bring with them to develop future technology and the eagerness to develop future technology from the start. We have had them from probably 3 to 4 years from the start we have been developing processes upgrading the systems based on our needs. We get support from them on a regular daily or hourly basis to make sure we don’t get issues as well as we roll out new processes for our teams.”

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