Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Run Amazon Ads

August 28, 2022
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Amazon has emerged as a reputed brand in the e-commerce industry. With a large 30 million active user base, around 55% of active users use Amazon to shop online.

With an increased customer base, there is throat-cut competition among the sellers. As a result, top brands need to gear up and amplify their marketing strategies to attract customers. To streamline the business and overcome the competition, Amazon offers its platforms to sellers and brands to advertise their products to scale up the business and maintain client retention. Around 54% of business owners use advertising tactics to reach out to prospective customers, meaning nearly 2/3rd of the brands use Amazon advertising platforms to scale up their business and increase their profit margin.

Amazon has introduced a user-friendly platform for users looking forward to running ads; let’s check out the top reasons why you should run ads on Amazon.

1. Simple and Easy to Use

Compared to Facebook and Google, Amazon designed a platform for beginners who want to use this platform to run ads. The users can create a campaign type, select the sponsored products, and headline search to display the products. The users can use a set of keywords and start the campaign as per your business requirements.

The platform offers advanced features, especially when selecting the right keywords and targeting a particular audience.

2. Easy Access to Genuine Buyers

Unlike other PPC platforms, Amazon captures a significant portion of the market. The conversion rates are higher than other platforms, and the users have witnessed 10X more conversions than any other PPC platform. As a result, it is the best option to invest in Amazon’s online marketing services, where you can get a massive base of genuine customers.

3. Helps to Create a Brand Awareness

Running ads on Amazon helps you to increase your brand awareness. With a massive base of customers globally, genuine visitors are willing to make the purchase right after they land on the product page.

4. Helps to Increase the App Download Rates

Amazon ads are not just restricted to attracting good quality leads and boosting sales. The platform can push the ads to millions of users on android devices. Users can run a campaign and appeal to users to download the app.

5. Get Insights of Data

Data plays a vital role in analyzing customer behavior. Amazon gives access to insight into customer buying behaviors, which will help the users run successful ad campaigns.

6. Best for Remarketing Options

Amazon ads help you to remarket your brand among the audience who have already seen your ads. It establishes your brand with multiple options to reach out to your audience globally.

7. Limitation Beyond Amazon

Amazon from other platforms is not restricted to displaying your ads only on Amazon. Still, you can direct the traffic to an offsite URL with the help of Amazon Advertising. Users can use offsite networks to drive traffic to a non-Amazon URL. This technique will help you expand your business presence elsewhere outside Amazon. Besides, Amazon allows you to purchase display ads and video placements for their partner websites.

8. Cost Effective Marketing Solutions

As compared to Google and Facebook, Amazon ads are pretty affordable. Apart from this, the conversion rates are higher, and with software assistance, the campaigns are pretty reasonable and reliable.

9. Helps to Avoid the Manual Errors

There is a higher probability of committing errors while planning to run a campaign for your target audience. A minute error can ruin your efforts and waste your money. An AI-based Amazon platform will help you to minimize the chances of error.

10. Boost your Sales with Limited Pricing

Amazon offers a competitive price range to run the campaigns. The average costs depend on the keywords and the audience you are targeting for your business. As Amazon can target in-depth customer data and targeting capabilities, the business owners can get ten times the return on investment.

The Bottom Line

Shortly, Amazon is planning to introduce new features to their platform. It is a fantastic platform for beginners and experts planning to run ad campaigns. This platform will help you to diversify the PPC campaigns for more gains and help you to scale up your business to the heights of success.


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