Top e-ommerce Sites in Malaysia 2022-2024

August 2, 2022
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The art of effective marketing techniques has become crucial in Malaysia’s dynamic economic landscape, pulling a large number of customers from Southeast Asia (SEA). For the nation’s expanding population, the confluence of this economic vibrancy and the booming e-commerce sector offers an exciting future. The e-commerce industry has grown rapidly as a result of technological advancements and increased public acceptability since they provide a transparent and effective means of meeting changing market demands.

Digital development and challenges for e-commerce platform in malaysia

The rapid growth of e-commerce platform malaysia has attracted around 91 percent of its population to become active internet users, driven by high mobile phone usage. This data from the German online platform specialized in data gathering and visualization Statista depicts Malaysia as an enticing e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. Despite challenges like traffic congestion and online payment fraud, the e-commerce market thrives. Some e-commerce players offer cash-on-delivery to combat payment fraud. In contrast, others implement online-to-offline strategies, including providing free samples and product bookings for customers to try before purchasing. Malaysia’s expanding digital infrastructure and population have positioned it as a flourishing e-commerce hub, and businesses continue to find innovative solutions to overcome the industry challenges.

The Digital, Malaysia 2019 report mentions that 78.4% of the Malaysian population actively uses the Internet. Surfing the Internet can be done differently, as social media platforms, plus Facebook, Instagram, and many more, and running ads and campaigning on any entertainment channels to catch the eyes of a vast crowd. Such promotions help the customer understand the brand products and opt to get them in their collection for future use. here is list of Best e-commerce company in malaysia.

top 10 online shopping sites in malaysia 2022-2024

When you plan to sell on marketplaces in Malaysia, several malaysia ecommerce platform matter the most. E-commerce site has taken a hike over the years and have enhanced the sales channel widely. It has grown both in terms of online purchasing and the sales perspective for the long-term run. Digital or online purchasing is more in the craze than offline, as you can do it at the customer’s comfort level. The stuff will be delivered to their doorstep quickly without much physical effort.

The advantage of such purchasing is that it saves travel time and keeps the payment and personal data safe and secured. It precisely keeps track of in and out of stock-and profoundly manages the warehouse and logistics. In this article, you will learn that malaysia online shopping platform are straightforward and exciting. (list of e commerce companies in malaysia)

1. Lazada: A renowned platform in Malaysia and neighboring countries, Lazada connects retailers and consumers. It operates as a marketplace, charging sellers commissions for sales. With around 31.29 million monthly visitors, it’s a significant C2C and B2C marketplace.

2. Presto Mall: Formerly known as 11 Street Malaysia, Presto mall is a re-branded online marketplace. It follows a similar model to Lazada, generating revenue from seller commissions and sponsored ads. Monthly traffic hovers around 8.40 million, catering to C2C and B2C markets.

3. Shopee: Established in 2015, Shopee is Lazada’s key competitor, focusing on mobile shopping. Monthly traffic is around 10.88 million, operating as a C2C and B2C marketplace.

4. Mudah: This platform, founded in 2007, is one of Malaysia’s largest e-commerce sites. Unlike Lazada and Shopee, Mudah doesn’t mediate transactions; it’s a classified ads platform where buyers and sellers interact directly. Monthly traffic is approximately 12.37 million, categorized as a C2C marketplace.

5. Hermo: Hermo, established in 2012, specializes in beauty products, primarily Korean brands. Monthly traffic exceeds 718,000, and it operates as a beauty-focused e-commerce site.

6. eBay: Although founded in the US, eBay has a significant presence in Malaysia. It makes money through seller commissions and sponsored ads. Monthly traffic is about 1.06 million, and it’s a C2C marketplace.

7. Go Shop: Offering a multi-channel retail experience, Go Shop combines TV shopping with online ordering. It covers an extensive range of products and is categorized as a B2C marketplace, with monthly traffic of 326.6 million.

8. Lelong: One of the pioneers in Malaysia’s e-commerce scene, Lelong was established in 2007. It follows a standard model, earning revenue from seller commissions and sponsored ads. Monthly traffic reaches 5.47 million, and it’s a B2C marketplace.

9. Zalora: Focused on fashion, Zalora has been a major player since its launch in 2012. The platform earns revenue through seller commissions. Monthly traffic stands at 5.47 million, and operates as a fashion e-commerce marketplace.

10. Carousell: Originally a mobile platform founded in 2012, Carousell has expanded into web-based shopping. It’s a C2C marketplace, allowing users to list products easily and communicate directly. Monthly traffic is around 12.63 million.

Criteria to choose an eCommerce platform in Malaysia

Selecting the appropriate platform becomes crucial for firms navigating Malaysia’s rapidly expanding e-commerce scene. This article examines ten well-known e-commerce sites, each of which provides a different path for customers and sellers. A thriving and competitive market is created by these platforms, which range from Lazada’s substantial B2C and C2C marketplace to Carousell’s easy-to-use C2C platform. The selection criteria for e-commerce platforms are also broken down, with a focus on important elements like user interface, security, scalability, customer support, and connections with payment gateways. These standards act as a roadmap for companies hoping to create a strong online presence in the Malaysian e-commerce market. As the digital landscape develops further, these platforms help to elevate the sales channel in addition to making buying easier.


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