Top eCommerce sites in Singapore in 2022

July 27, 2022
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E-commerce business models are flourishing in the Singapore market. The sales channel is rising to generate high income for the brand products. With the advent of technology and tools, e-commerce manages transparency to significantly keep track of the in and out of the stocks. And it keeps an eye on the infrastructure of the e-commerce sector to reach the pinnacle.

The Singapore economy is booming in the market to empower the other e-commerce sites to generate as much revenue as possible to hike the sales funnel. The sales can be enhanced with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other relatable sources.

If a seller wants to enter the Southeast Asian markets, it would be easy to enter Singapore and do business there. In this article, you will learn about Singapore’s top 5 e-commerce sites. Let’s tighten your seat belt and read the article in brief to learn more about e-commerce sites.

Below are the lists of e-commerce sites that have a good hand in the Singapore market to deal with customers online or using the digital mode to serve the purpose.

Top 5 eCommerce sites in Singapore

1. Lazada

Lazada came into operation in 2011 and is one of the pioneers in the e-commerce field. It acts as one of the best online retailers worldwide and enhances the sales funnel. Lazada is also called the Amazon of Southeast Asia. And it is flashed in the news that Alibaba holds most of the share in such e-commerce sites.

Such e-commerce websites include fashion, toys, technology, sports goods, household goods, and groceries.

The main aim of Lazada’s performance is to gain the large crowd’s attention to generate a massive amount out of it. Lazada works for Google Ads for assistance in serving the purpose of such e-commerce sites. Lazada came out with the idea of targeting outranking shares to eliminate its competitors in terms of strategies.

The monthly traffic of such an e-commerce website is 8,000,000.

2. Qoo10 Singapore

Qoo 10 stands second in the list of e-commerce sites in Singapore. Such websites deal with Korean items and are known mainly as an online marketplace for the products like fashion and women’s needs. Qoo 10 is growing more in Japan and Asian countries.

The monthly traffic of such an e-commerce website is 7,850,000.

3. Zalora

Zalora helps in fashion shopping in Asia and acts as one of the finest e-commerce sites for designers and other businesses to get vibrantly in the eyes of the large crowd.

It is likely to be noticed by the street shopper and is growing in the Asia-Pacific region along with 20 other counties. Shopping in such a section is easy with the help of mobile applications or the company’s websites. Such e-commerce has announced an investment of around $238 million.

To enhance the sales of the products on such a platform, a different marketplace was created to fetch the customer’s attention.

The monthly traffic of such an e-commerce website is 3.30M

4. Carousell Singapore

Carousell came into operation in 2012 as Lazada and Zalora. Such e-commerce websites are famous in Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places to expand such businesses’ ideas magnificently. This e-commerce site has gained funds from over 500 start-ups like Sequoia Capital, Rakuten, Darius Cheung, and many more investors.

The website focuses more on the products like automobiles, motorbikes, health, luxury items, men’s and women’s fashion, and beauty products.

The monthly traffic of such an e-commerce website is 2.6M

5. Reebonz

Reebonz is a great e-commerce site situated in Singapore to sell fashion products. It also includes shoes, watches, pre-owned bags, jewellery, bags, and other products to enhance the traffic on the website at the utmost level.

Reebonz has around 4.5 million members and about 100,00 products to fetch a huge audience’s attention in one go.

Such a website has an app to buy and sell fashion products in a simple and sophisticated way.

They pick stock products from designers like Chloe, Fendi Prada, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and many more. And it also includes a section where Asian designers are hired or dealt with.

The monthly traffic of such an e-commerce website is 50k.

E-commerce in Singapore is growing flamboyantly to grab the attention of the vast crowd efficiently. The e-commerce sites in Singapore in 2022 mentioned above are valuable to enhance the sales channel in the marketplaces effectively. The e-commerce sites keep track of the inventory and manage the process vibrantly. The site even collects all the data and keeps it safe to eliminate the misuse of the information. The brand products are maintained vibrating to keep the stock updated appropriately. The time needed to run the process prominently to update the stores and fulfil customer demands wisely.


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