UAE’s Top eCommerce Companies

September 2, 2022
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The UAE boasts one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in uae sectors in the world, with consumers spending billions of dirhams annually. Brands from several categories, including fashion, electronics, cosmetics, and lifestyle, are among the top e commerce companies in uae. It’s hardly surprising then that this is one of the most competitive businesses in market share, given the abundance of alternatives and the substantial financial stakes.

Take a look at the top 10 Ecommerce Companies in the UAE.

  • is the top e commerce companies in uae. It was founded in 2005 and is a well-known online retailer in the Middle East. By providing services that enable customers to buy things without leaving their homes or offices, Souq offers close to 7 million products from more than 1,500 companies. The company, renowned for its large selection of goods and competitive rates, also has a substantial reward points program that provides considerable savings on purchases. Initially a marketplace for used items, it has continuously grown by frequently introducing additional categories such as electronics and gadgets, apparel and accessories, furniture, home appliances, sporting goods, toys, and games.


Established in 1979, is an online store that offers consumers a single platform by providing a variety of alternatives for all of their needs. It includes their preferred items and brands, price comparison, and reading reviews intuitively.

Customers looking for low prices on clothing and other goods use because it lets them obtain the most significant discounts from various brands and retailers. Because of its customer support team’s 5-minute response time to every enquiry, Ounass separates from other notable players. Additionally, shoppers may anticipate discounts of up to 70% at local businesses.


Amazon was established in 1994 and now dominates the e-commerce companies in uae industry as the largest list of e commerce companies in uae. It serves more than 100,000 clients each month from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. Additionally, it has customers in GCC nations and Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern markets.

In addition to being a shopping destination for UAE residents, also provides top-notch fulfillment services through its Amazon Logistics hub. 90% of the commodities the firm supplies are delivered within an hour because of its nationwide network of warehouses.

  • Vinculum

Vinculum provides global software products and services that help brands and retailers scale, reach, and delight customers across multiple international channels. Furthermore, they provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience globally to help them scale their businesses.

You can grow your ecosystem through their best ecommerce platform in uae, which will help you expand your base and generate new revenue streams:

  • Vin Lister – An automated catalog listing tool for brands to automate product listing across 70+ marketplaces in less than 5 min.
  • Vin eRetail – Manage your inventory and orders across channels through a single dashboard and reach your customers directly at their doorstep with cost and time savings.
  • Vin Reco – A powerful tool for Marketplace Reconciliation that can help you recover lost money from marketplaces and get reports.

Since its inception, Dubai’s body care and skincare sector have seen substantial development in its online presence. It has been giving its clients high-quality goods for a long time., an online retailer of body and skincare goods founded in 2012 by Jad Haidamous, provides a wide selection of beauty necessities from across the globe.


With a considerable rise in clients coming from around the United Arab Emirates, Basharacare has experienced exponential growth. Its website and mobile app provide excellent items at reasonable costs and easy access. They guarantee the authenticity of each item and subject them to rigorous quality control.

  •, a renowned online retailer in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 2013 by Dikran Tchablakian and provided exceptional services and an unmatched customer experience. LetsTango has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Still, its primary business areas include general strategy, advertising, community building, customer support, technology & innovation, and development & expansion.

Its primary duties include advertising, marketing, and community-building initiatives. LetsTango provides various payment options, including cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, and others, along with the most incredible pricing, quick shipment, and an easy purchasing experience.


SharafDG is an online store in the United Arab Emirates that was established in 2005 to give customers access to the finest offers from leading online merchants there. It’s a platform for online shopping that caters to customers searching for reputable brands, fantastic deals, and affordable rates. SharafDG has over 12.5 million users and processes over 5 million orders monthly.

SharafDG offers the most terrific price comparison service and information on online shopping in the UAE. They have expanded their product line to include fashion and lifestyle items to provide a wide choice of goods.

  •, a well-known online retailer in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 2016 and provided a range of goods at competitive pricing. Several prestigious magazines, including Forbes, GQ, and Conde Nast Traveler, have named it one of the most well-known E-commerce enterprises in the United Arab Emirates. Noon has increased because of its dedication to providing excellent customer service and offering comparable prices to domestic and foreign brands. With more than 8 million goods and 450,000 deals, it is one of the top e commerce companies in uae.

  •, a well-known fashion eCommerce site in the United Arab Emirates established in 2011, is renowned for its extensive selection of goods. It has given clients from all over the world high-quality items. It has constantly ranked among the top 10 eCommerce businesses., one of the biggest online retailers in the UAE and the Middle East, is famous for offering a variety of items, free delivery, and affordable rates. It provides thousands of products and an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to find new brands and buy things conveniently at costs comparable to offline stores. It’s excellent for those with limited time or who live in distant areas without access to the brand’s storefronts.


Apple, founded in 1979 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, is among the top UAE e-commerce firms and has one of the most popular websites in the world. It has a user-friendly website design and sells items at reasonable prices. It is establishing Apple as one of the few firms that have distinguished itself from other top e commerce companies in uae enterprises.


Recent trends show that various businesses are prospering and developing due to the rising demand for e-Commerce in the United Arab Emirates. The best ecommerce platforms in dubai uae have grown through time due to the high-caliber goods and services they provide to their customers. These businesses have improved consumer experiences in addition to offering high-quality products.

With the proliferation of online companies, having a website is now necessary for list of e commerce companies in uae retailers. Its benefits include a strong market presence, increased brand awareness, and excellent conversion rates. The result will be higher participation in e-commerce since it is the ideal platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to access a broader client base.


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