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August 23, 2022
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In the United Arab Emirates, e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth. While one of the causes of this change may be the UAE’s young, tech-savvy population on the rise, the broader market structure has changed to consider digitalization. The entire market environment in the United Arab Emirates appears to have changed due to e-commerce, from the increased use of online marketplaces to the arrival of merchants from other countries to claim their digital property. You have many opportunities at your disposal, from creating various touch points across platforms to keeping repeat consumers and updating marketing techniques.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur considering launching an online store in the United Arab Emirates? Or perhaps you already have a physical location but are having trouble keeping your inventory and orders in sync? You might even have a strong web presence, but your operating expenses make it difficult to increase your bottom line. The solution, then, is to link your order, inventory, and logistics to speed up inventory turnaround and coordinate your efforts.

But let’s first concentrate on the available market opportunities and comprehend the market’s undiscovered potential for e-commerce enterprises!

Growing Opportunities in the UAE

Customers depend heavily on emerging technology systems, but businesses also use them to expand their retail capabilities. The GCC area currently has the highest rates of worldwide e-commerce penetration. According to the 2019 report e-commerce in MENA, Opportunity beyond the hype by Bain & Company, the UAE’s penetration rate is 4.2 per cent, comparable to Turkey’s and Brazil’s.

You, as a vendor, cannot afford to overlook that. Amazon.ae has surpassed namshi.com and noon.com to become the most significant participant in the UAE market in 2020, with revenues of US$338 million, US$144 million, and US$128 million, respectively. Even while Amazon has historically been the best e-commerce platform in the region, there are still others that you can surely take advantage of, mainly if you are a startup searching for a specific market of customers.

It would be incorrect to ignore logistics when discussing e-commerce because establishing operational excellence is a priority for all e-commerce businesses. Businesses in the area may prioritize improving their logistics and supply chain management capabilities. Still, they may also use cutting-edge technical innovations like 3D printing, RFID monitoring, and GPS-driven solutions to assist corporate expansion. Additionally, the rise of shipping companies has given SMEs more influence.

The question now arises about how to take advantage of these lying possibilities.

It makes sense that coordinating efforts and streamlining processes should come first, but what difficulties stand in your e-commerce endeavors, mainly if you are based in the United Arab Emirates? Have you ever given it any thought? Let’s clarify!

Whether you run a manufacturing, supply chain, or retail business, your warehouse is significant to you. It is where goods are received, stored, and shipped out. Managing each activity in the storehouse is crucial, and doing it manually increases the risk of human error, which could result in a significant loss for your firm.

Consider adopting warehouse management software to automate the management of your warehouse (WMS).

You must exercise extreme caution when choosing and purchasing a WMS. It is because there are so many warehouse management solutions today. And none of them can be picked up. You will benefit from keeping a few things in mind throughout the selection process. Here are some details or items to look for in WMS:


You want to pick a warehouse management system in Dubai that can ship and receive inventory. A WMS with such capability keeps you informed about the materials or goods that are delivered, put away, taken out, transported, or sent. As the software allows no room for human error, you save time and avoid human error when maintaining all the information manually.

Inventory tracking 

After the actual counting of the goods, the warehouse management software with an inventory function provides you with inside information on the items moving within your warehouse. You will learn the serial number and expiration date. Additionally, you know who is in charge of moving the products and when the transaction occurs. It makes it simpler to track an inventory for a specific place.

Order replenishment 

With the appropriate warehouse management software, you can accurately manage your inventory in any city, including Dubai. You must be aware of any inventory shortages or overages for better warehouse management and customer orders. You can prevent overages by knowing what you have in your stock. Simply put, you receive alerts on what you already have and what you need to source for improved warehouse management.

Space management 

Many of you have trouble finding enough room to store the things you have access to. Lack of arrangement of the items/products in the storage leads to space problems. You can organize your warehouse quickly and easily with the correct WMS solution. It is, given that the programme has capabilities like fundamental cubing, sequential pick-up & put-away, and replenishment.

Take Away 

When warehouse management software includes functions like order replenishment, shipping and receiving, inventory tracking, and space management, it qualifies as a tool. Leverage Vinculum’s SaaS-based solution, Vin eRetail, the only Warehouse Management Software with ready integrations to major marketplaces. It will help you manage and oversee your orders & warehouse in a single, real-time dashboard view across every channel & location. Vin eRetail will also:

  • Automate and manage your orders & inventory across all channels
  • Optimize logistics to improve operations and save time and money
  • Manage and oversee your accounting and POS workflows
  • Improve profitability while maintaining customers’ trust



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