Become a Seller on Amazon in The Middle East: The Ultimate Guide to Sell on The Marketplace

April 28, 2022
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With the advent of technology and its latest software, the e-commerce business model acts as a magnet to the sales channel in the market. These days the Middle East is booming on the e-commerce platform amid the pandemic. As per a survey by Bain & Company, e-commerce has grown to $28.5 billion in MENA by 2022.

The purchasing pattern has been drastically changed with the growth of technology. The audience these days prefer online shopping over offline one as per their comfort level. With the start of the digital era, customers’ expectation also rises to add the new collections at real-time delivery of the services.

The question here arises how is this possible to leverage such a growth opportunity and serve the purpose of the best quality and quantity of the stuff. Such a process helps in the growth and expansion of the business from a long-term perspective.

The best strategy to hike the sales in the market is by selling on Amazon to get the best result in terms of productivity.

Amazon sells in the Middle East

Amazon is one of the most user-friendly marketplaces to grab the attention of the massive crowd of the MENA region. Amazon is dominating the market and enhances the demand and supply of the customer’s purchasing pattern vividly. To cover the market, Amazon has tie-up with the local e-commerce website Souq in Dubai to provide the best services to fulfill the customers’ desires.

Such a platform is booming gradually, and as per the Podean research, the Amazon UAE was hiked by 43.6% in 2020. In contrast, KSA Showed that Amazon in Saudi Arabia had been hiked by 64% of shoppers to purchase daily.

Amazon has lots of benefits to catch the marketplace significantly. Let’s explore each of these benefits briefly:

  • Support

Amazon comes out with its best business model to support the inventory or warehouse management and logistics at an affordable rate to run the business smoothly.

  • Exposure

Once the business is set, the platform gets considerable exposure to multiple buyers at real-time delivery of the services to serve the purpose significantly.

  • Promotions

Amazon comes with the idea of regular promotions and exciting offers to attract the crowd more towards it to enhance the business in terms of growth and sales.

  • Transactions

The transaction process in Amazon is relatively safe and secure to run the process effectively to get rid of any cyber fraud.

  • Multiple Payment Channels:

Amazon does not rely on one mode of payment. It has chosen multiple ways of the transaction, including e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, invoices, and bank transfers.

  • Listing of the products:

The products need to be listed precisely in the e-commerce platform to run the process efficiently.

Steps to become Amazon seller in the Middle East 

  • Business type

There are a couple of ways to sell on Amazon. First, you can choose to be a brand owner and manufacture your items with a private label. On the other side, if you choose to be a reseller, you can go in search of popular products that are already available on the e-commerce platform and list them out.

  • Strategies

The very next step that you have to choose is the fulfillment strategies. Here you have to determine what type of business suits you the most. There are two key ways to handle such a strategy. The first one is that you can sell as your choice where inventory and delivery of the stuff will be maintained to get the things to the end-users. The other way is that Amazon will take full responsibility for the items, from packing to picking to shipping the stuff. Amazon follows the Fulfillment by Amazon process to run the strategies vividly.

  • Registration

The time you have decided to sell through Amazon, the very next step that you have to do is get registered on such a platform. Amazon comes out with two models. One is Professional, and the other one is Individual. You can choose either of the models to run your business vibrantly as per your preference.

You have to sign up by providing the following details:

  • Phone number
  • Email address of the business
  • ID proof
  • Bank Account details
  • Account Activation

Once the registration process is completed, the Amazon team will cross-verify the details within 48hours. Then you can start using your Amazon seller account.

  • Listing of the products:

You have to add the details of the products and other information like inventory information, transaction management, and stuff features. Amazon comes with certain norms and policies to list down the effects. It’s the duty to fulfill the list of the products for easy accessibility of the process.

  • Product detail:

The first and the most thing that you have to do is have a product detail page to make the buyer know in brief about the products. The page must have a product description along with 3-4 images, product detail in bullet points, and availability of the products.

  • Delivery of the stuff

The products are delivered at the doorstep without any charges and add the customer experience for easy flow of the e-commerce platform. The delivery of the service is in real-time to satisfy the customer’s choices.

Ways to enhance sales on Amazon in the Middle East

It is pretty easy to sell on Amazon and operate it. Let’s learn the ways to hike the sales on Amazon.

  • Inventory Management

Inventory Management should use the updated software version to manage the stocks in and out and generate a considerable profit. The store should be updated and managed correctly to satisfy the customer’s needs and desires.

  • Management of Order

The orders are to be allocated quickly with the help of software and new technologies to avoid the double count of the orders and deliver in real-time.

  • Integration

All the processes are integrated under one umbrella to perform the task quickly and in a sophisticated manner to minimize the human effort and let the work be done automatically with the help of software.


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