eCommerce Business Trends Post Covid-19

April 21, 2020
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Market After Social Distancing

The year 2020 has been an amazing year to show the world how we’ve all worked quite well with dynamism, rapid shift in demand, digital lifestyle and more. Several predictions have been made by marketers that there is going to be a boom in technological innovation sooner than thought.

This post is about taking a long look towards the future; look at the potential of oneself post COVID-19. More importantly, show the world how we can flourish with innovation after a major pandemic.

As of April 2020, the world has seen extremes of global health crisis, businesses have come to a halt however, consumer needs changed the game! Consumer behavior drastically changed due to the influence of online shopping, social isolation, working from home or being unemployed.

Keep going to learn about the foreseeable changes in business trends, e-commerce trends and more.

The world has moved from a centralized to a distributed defense model

Most countries across the world have been mandating the need to ‘stay at home.’ A daily task as basic as going on a walk has been asked to be discontinued until the pandemic dies out.

The feeling of ‘staying at home’ feels like that of a house-arrest. This makes the social distancing difficult to follow and hence, not very much flow based.

In fact, if you look at any other ‘normal’ crises, you’ll possibly find a protocol which will consist of setting up centers in schools, colleges; set up emergency response centers, victims’ relocation and more.

COVID-19 pandemic protocol has been quite different; centers are closed down, schools, offices, theatres, everything is shut down. Social distancing, essential online shopping and other measures are adopted instead.

All of us are pushed towards rewiring our brains; here’s how:

  • Choosing distribution over centralization
  • Finding it safe to live in our homes instead of institutions
  • We are locked down in our own homes, not in institutions (with other individuals)
  • Neither the center, nor do experts count. The individual, you count
  • Social distancing, staying indoors patiently over raging a war for freedom

How is the world dealing with the COVID-19 impact?

On a personal level, social distancing and isolation are being practiced. However, humans are social beings. Hence, the need for communication, networking and exploring keep coming back.

Here are the most popular ways in which people are dealing with COVID-19:

  • Obtaining learning experiences via social and digital networks
  • Contacting friends and family via digital networks
  • Using e-commerce brands for essential shopping

On a professional level, people have needs hence, the need to earn money comes in. Due to the pandemic, businesses have also made an attempt to provide services.

Here’s how:

  • Changing the service/product offered and switching to essential products only
  • Digitizing whatever can be digitized
  • Waiting for the right time to kick start again

Now, let’s look into the trend analysis made for times post COVID-19 pandemic.

Business Trends after COVID-19 Pandemic

What do you think you’ve learned from the situation of COVID-19 we’re in?

I’d say that every situation is different and the way we adapt to the situation is what is going to help man survive.

Tactically speaking, the norms for COVID-19, as mentioned before are opposite from any other crisis; home-based, distributed and democratic. So, what are the business trends your business can follow after the social distancing is done with?

Automated distribution solutions have immense potential

Tools which enable us with quality assistance of medical AI/telemedicine is an example. The pandemic sure connected a big chunk of the world on a digital level in complex ways. This is the time to change your brand with it.

Distribution oriented technologies/solutions

Very soon, businesses may try to come up with tools which can provide distribution- based solutions. For instance, let’s take Flipkart or Amazon. They are global e-commerce brands that provide distribution-oriented solutions.

Increase in entrepreneurial activities

Looking at the upcoming needs of the world, there can be entrepreneurs who’d like to take the world’s needs and turn them into business opportunities in several ways. The best way entrepreneurs can start and spread ventures is through digital media.

Marketing strategy changes

Marketing strategies can be changed at multiple levels. However, the current need is to switch to digital marketing, email marketing and related marketing styles. This implies, start managing your database and market with it. It’s digital, safe and perfect for a time when everyone’s still worried (post-pandemic)

Create value with the speed of need

As a business, this is exactly what you should be aiming for post pandemic. Whether you are an eCommerce business owner or a retail brand or own a digital business; you need to be capable of creating value with the speed of need. Remember, try not losing any customer and build yourself again.

Notice a drastic change in attitude

Post pandemic, it’s highly likely that e-commerce websites will be doing better than ever. In fact, it is recommended for retailers to start opting for eCommerce business solutions. This does not mean that your retail stores need to shut down; it’s a good time to adapt to the trend which is coming to you like a tornado.

People are going to be very stressed and anxious about whether the places they’re visiting for shopping, eating or any purpose is clean enough or not. Stay extremely alert at this point.

Healthcare is going to boom further

With the pandemic mindset, moving into the post-pandemic era is going to be quite a task. Several people are going to start investing in healthcare because of panic, worry and other reasons.

In fact, we still don’t know when COVID-19 will be gone from our lives. Look at the Spanish flu, for instance; it lasted for 2 long years. Let’s just hope for the best and take the right business decisions.

In conclusion

Maybe we are heading towards the world where nothing may be normal again. There may be no return to normal, but you as a business owner need to consider this time to be a time of innovation and make the required upgrades to keep going.

You need to understand something…
Our strength lies in distribution, not in masses. Our lives need to keep going else, we’re all doomed. This is the Current Trend.

You also need to understand that we never saw this coming. Stay mindful, empathetic yet, alert and get through this period of self-quarantining peacefully. The market is going to be doing just fine with a little turmoil.

All you need to do this, get through this time and plan your marketing strategy sooner than later and kickstart your online business!


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