Best Ecommerce Platforms in Malaysia- 2022

July 26, 2022
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The marketing plans for brand product sales have undergone several changes as a result of e-commerce platforms. Customers are now more likely to shop online rather than offline as a result of this. Additionally, the epidemic has had a significant negative impact on sales of online purchasing as a means of avoiding social engagement.

These days e-commerce industry in Malaysia is flourishing significantly, and it has increased by 30% over the year with a track of RM254.6 billion. With time, more businesses are listed on e-commerce websites to get help at times of pandemic and Movement control over the business as the operation are restricted across the nation.

In order to grow their business fully and attract as many people as possible to increase the sales channel, brands these days are given the chance to open storefronts or create websites. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant sources make it simple to run online ads and promotions.

Even the Malaysian government has taken a step forward to support MSMEs and SMEs to enhance the retail business switch to digital mode of selling products. Nowadays, Malaysia is booming its economy with online sales without any second thought.

The widespread of the e-commerce business model idea are booming the shopping and choices of the consumer drastically. With the technology growth and surfing the updated version of the software, the work becomes easy to handle and simple to process any job injecting less human effort.

This article will provide you a quick overview of the e-commerce platforms that Malaysia built in 2022 to support the expansion of businesses on a larger scale. Here is a list of a few e-commerce platforms to take into account for the greatest product and service sales in the rapidly expanding sector.

1. Shopify

In Malaysia, Shopify is the most effective e-commerce platform for drop shipping. There are around 1.5 million websites that provide a vivid view at online purchasing patterns, and about 1 million businesses use these e-commerce platforms. An e-commerce website with this kind of versatility can offer 2400 apps in the Shopify App Store without any caveats or exceptions.

Shopify Plus and Shopify Light do better when it comes to market segmentation. In the business segment, one of the highlights of these e-commerce sites is the drag and drop interface, and major industries investigate further capabilities based on Shopify plus.

One of the greatest options for design, integration of tools, SEO tools, and excellent customer care for e-commerce website platforms is Shopify.

2. EasyStore

One of the simplest ways to establish a strong relationship with the seller for online sales is through EasyStore. It serves as a low-cost local e-commerce platform throughout Malaysia to establish strong bonds with customers. In addition to US-based buyers and sellers, the platform offers about 30,000 brands to help launch the business’s expansion throughout the Malaysian market.

3. Wix

According to reports, Wix is the best platform for creating websites yourself. These kinds of websites are appropriate for novices with minimal knowledge of website design and coding. The platform seamlessly leverages the most specialized feature of the drag-and-drop editor.

With its strong SEO capabilities, 80+ categories with 800 designs, 300+ built-in apps, and drag-and-drop functionality, Wix is unquestionably one of the greatest options for a newbie.

4. BigCommerce

A BigCommerce e-commerce website may help professional, large-scale online enterprises reach a wide audience. In order to improve the sales channel, BigCommerce has elevated its reputation in the e-commerce industry.

The CMS’s capabilities and other features enabled the e-commerce business model in this market area. BigCommerce assists with social media advertising on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. It also offers robust SEO capabilities and APIs to interface with various software without any limitations.

Because of the complexity of their website building, these kinds of websites are not recommended for novices.


Worldwide, WooCommerce has the most market share. This online store receives attention due to how easy it is to install and customize the gratis products. These plug-ins for e-commerce are made by WordPress.

Along with other preferences, it is preferred to use CSS and HTML when creating the coding for websites, in addition to some basic CMS functionalities.

The e-commerce website mentioned above is thriving in the industry and is significantly increasing brand goods sales. The client base has significantly changed as a result of this kind of internet buying. They want their selected items on the door with as little waiting as possible and with just a click. Customers are satisfied and inspired by the brand’s prompt delivery of merchandise.


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