Collectabilia turbocharges its eCommerce journey with Vinculum

September 22, 2016
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Collectabilia turbocharges its eCommerce journey with Vinculum

All about Collectabilia

Incorporated in 2011, Collectabilia is India’s first celebrity commerce company. It is an online brand that aims to cater to untapped sports and entertainment ecosystem in India and is every sporting enthusiast’s dream.

It offers opportunities to fans to own memorabilia personally autographed by their icons, and assists celebrities with extending their brand connect beyond endorsements.

Key Challenges

The eCommerce venture by Deccan Chronicles Holdings Ltd. is a website for sports enthusiasts across the globe, where they can bid for memorabilia items online and also buy team merchandise related to sports like cricket, football, and tennis.

The eTailer collaborated with Vinculum to –

  • Streamline their warehousing, to keep track of inventory and maintain optimum inventory levels
  • Develop their merchandising system
  • Handle returns
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Automate order processing
  • Improve their order fulfillment times

The Vinculum Solution

Vin eRetail solution, our end to end retail suite helped Collectabilia attain greater productivity levels, reduce inefficiencies and scale up its operations. It delivered the following –

  • Set-up the business processes for the various business functions and trained the business users
  • Implemented Master Management modules for business functions like tax management, merchandising management, vendor and Customer management and user management, etc.
  • Set-up the warehouse system at Aramex premises and implemented the WMS and inventory management modules PO creation, and PO revision.
  • Implemented Returns and Work Order management functionalities. This ensured accurate returns management and tracking.
  • Real-time end to end inventory visibility to keep a check on inventory levels.

Additionally, Vin eRetail was integrated with 3rd party systems such as the front-end website and Aramex.

The implementation of our solution automated their operations. This reduced their order fulfillment cycles, increasing efficiency for the online retailer.

The road ahead

As a company that encourages the collection of sports memorabilia for personal joy or as a strong investment proposition, the eTailer aims to expand. Collectabillia aims to extend the global market of memorabilia into India, facilitating the ownership of personalized merchandise along the same lines as that of art.

Read the complete story of how we helped Collectabilia here.

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