Reasons Why PIM Can Never Go Out of Fashion?

March 16, 2020
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Reasons Why PIM Can Never Go Out of Fashion

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Especially, when it comes to the world of fashion, it is really strenuous to establish a strong presence in the crowd of thousands of emerging brands.

Of course, you will keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends, quality of materials, and the ability to combine those factors together for creating amazing looks. While doing so, you need to keep track of tons of product information which may cause you to feel dizzy and buried under things beyond manual labor. Here comes the hero- PIM systems into the play.

What is PIM?

Very few of us are unaware of this magical system called Product Information Management system (PIM) which allows brands in managing huge amounts of product information or data with complex attributes and also, distributes them quickly and efficiently among all relevant channels and retailers.

If it’s the first time you’ve heard of it? Check our recent blog post about PIM.

How it helps you grow your brand?

PIM is a one-stop solution for the collection and management of product data. In a nutshell, PIM technology allows to gather, standardize, improve, allocate, and update all the product data. PIM also helps create a complete product catalog and distribute it to different eCommerce and sales networks.

Why PIM rocks in the Fashion World?

It ensures the accuracy of your product pages

All your product data may not come from a single source. While managing data from multiple sources, which have no lines of communication between them (ERP, media server, files), having a product page without images/visuals and appropriate SEO optimized description does not make sense. Also, information about stock availability and prices must be up to date and perfectly lined-up of course.

No matter what the source is, a PIM solution helps you to integrate all your product data. All the information gets collected in a single space at the heart of the PIM system and different contributors help in the enhancement of that specific product information.

Control over your product information efficiently in 3 steps!

  • Check out what is happening at the completion level of each product page on the dashboard before validation
  • Control photo copyrights and make a note of model names who is wearing what.
  • You will receive an alert before the information expires

Gear up your brand activity with zero additional effort

Trends evolve with changing seasons. Being a fashion brand, you would need to keep it as flexible as it is creative. Maintaining new information, photos, keyword-optimized descriptions, etc according to the new season and trends can be truly hectic for your teams and also, may cause a delay. With PIM, you can ensure the flexibility of your brand and the dynamic approach of this perpetual renewal cycle.

PIM enables your brand’s quick movement at a faster pace for each operational step

  • Build a digital brochure for your product collections and create looks as per the trends
  • Leverage one-click selling by using predefined looks
  • Time-saver and easy to use for each contributor or role, PIM allows automatic collaboration

Make it to the market sooner

No doubt digital presence matters in this fast-changing digital landscape. Before it goes to the market, product presentability matters which depends on complete information which is not only appealing but also attractive visually. Don’t end up losing potential sales while managing Time to Market optimization.

With the PIM system, the Fashion Industry today talks about a revolution in the way their market runs. Fashion brands have considerably reduced their Time to Market and made their business equation as simple as Centralisation + Fluidity + Automation = Time saved

Steps to increase Brand Responsiveness and reduce the Time to Market

  • Make your brand responsive by using PIM applications which helps generate unique bar codes for each product based on the product EAN (European Article Numbering).
  • The visual contributor can scan each sample and insert the right photographs into your PIM to link it directly with the right products.
  • Your product information gets updated in the PIM automatically as per the flow of information between the PIM and your E-Commerce website and other channels

Enhance your E-Commerce performance

Fashion is not the world of out-dated selling techniques. According to Shotfarm Study, product information report, one out of each 3 consumers abandons online fashion purchases because of the lack of a product description.

Your product-page must have high definition photographs with an integral zooming feature, positive customer ratings, technical detailing, storytelling and at the end, a subtle yet direct and triggering call to action to attract your target audiences.

The success of the eCommerce business for fashion brands lies in their presentability and accountability. PIM ensures utterly complete, high-quality reliable product description and guarantees improved E-commerce conversion rates.

PIM to steer product information in e-commerce communication

  • It improves your product visibility by using appropriate title, descriptions, keywords etc.
  • PIM helps in completing the more specific product fields to satisfy such as fabrics, origins, labels etc.

The fashion brands can harmonize vast amounts of product data by using a good PIM system. Businesses can ensure a fast start-up and dynamic expansion. Vinculum’s cloud-based and customized PMS solution supports changes in pace, which means products can be sent to the market at a faster pace while the quality of the information provided to digital buyers can constantly get upgraded. Request a demo or get in touch with the experts at Vinculum today!


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