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December 8, 2017
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Gartner In-store Logistics

Customers buy brands, not channels & they love brands who can make their shopping experience – a delight. The Retail industry is in midst of a transformation & as the line between Online & Offline channels continues to blur, Retailers are striving to offer customers a seamless shopping experience across channels.

As eCommerce catches up, “Bricks” are getting closer to clicks. Retailers using store inventory to support online order fulfillment are the ones who have been able to achieve the competitive edge in the market. As per  Gartner’s 2016 Multichannel Execution Survey “Retailers use store inventory to fulfill 46% of pickup in-store orders, 44% of ship-from-store orders and 37% of orders picked up by consumers in locker boxes or other remote locations.”

As retailers increase their use of store inventory for faster fulfilling online orders, they require a robust and seamless system that can enable Distributed Order Management (DOM) & more importantly Real-Time View of Inventory across Systems, Channels & Fulfilment locations.

Gartner published their global market guide for In-store Logistics system on 20th November 2017. They assessed the capabilities of vendors varying in size from specialist warehouse management and fulfillment technology providers to large global players with extensive areas like Product receipt, Product put-away, Inventory management, Sales floor replenishment, Picking optimization, Packing optimization & Dispatch process. Per Gartner evaluation, Vinculum supports all 7 key functional capabilities and to provide functional support for the full list of 22 sub-capabilities.

in-store logistics

(Figure: Gartner’s assessment diagram reproduced for better visual clarity)

With few of the best brands in the industry as clients, Vinculum has regularly been featured in various Gartner reports:

Vin eRetail, Vinculum’s SaaS-based O2O transformation suite, retailers can have a real-time view of Inventory with powerful order management functionality and 150+ ready integrations with web stores, Global eCommerce marketplaces, and last-mile fulfillment companies.

With Vin eRetail:

  • Start selling online
  • Turbocharge your online business
  • Enable Omnichannel retail experience



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  • Reconciliation of overcharges
  • Single inventory dashboard
  • Reduced order processing time
  • Standard and accurate data

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