StyleTAG collaborates with Vinculum to turbocharge their online business

August 31, 2016
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StyleTAG collaborates with Vinculum to turbocharge their online business

All about StyleTAG

StyleTAG is India’s first online curated fashion and lifestyle destination. The shopping website hosts flash sales with curated styles for a limited period at up to 70% off. The product portfolio of the online retailer encompasses a range of affordable luxury products such as apparel, bags, shoes, home décor, toiletries and accessories such as scarves, watches, snoods, etc.

Key Challenges

One of India’s leading curated fashion stores, StyleTAG required an eCommerce solution that would allow it to overcome the challenges it faced in order fulfillment and increase its operational efficiencies.

They required a solution that

  • Provided a strong catalog system to deal with the large volume of 500+ SKUs.
  • Delivered Real-time visibility of inventory across the different
  • Improved efficiency of their procurement management and order management processes.
  • Delivered reports for all transactions

The Vinculum Solution

Our one-stop solution automated the online retailer’s order management and warehouse management processes.
It delivered the following –

  • Seamless Integrations with front-end eCommerce platform – Ruby on Rails
  • Increased the shipments per day from 100-150 shipments/day to 400-500 shipments/day
  • Reduced turnaround time with automated processes
  • Assignment of orders to multiple warehouses resulted in removing redundancies in order processing

The implementation of our solution meant that they could save on costs and resources reduce manual processes – and improve their order and inventory management.

What lies ahead?

Recently, the online retailer has raised 50 crores in angel funding from the Embassy Group.

Going forward, the fashion store intends to use the raised funds to further expand their range of private labels, acquire a medley of other designer brands and strengthen its team to complement their capabilities.

We continue to work with them to help them grow and scale new heights.

Read the complete story of how we helped StyleTAG here.

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