Top 10 eCommerce Companies in Singapore

July 2, 2022
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Singapore is an established eCommerce market with a well-developed infrastructure and a tech-savvy population. Sellers interested in breaking into the Southeast Asian market have various options, including starting in b2c companies in singapore and expanding to other countries afterward. This post will look at some of the most popular eCommerce sites in Singapore today, some of which have transcended state and national borders, while others started elsewhere. Let’s get started with b2c companies in singapore!

Singapore’s top ten eCommerce sites include:

1. Lazada

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 8,000,000

Lazada was one of the first leading eCommerce sites in Singapore, with operations beginning in 2011. It has earned the moniker “Amazon of Southeast Asia.” Alibaba has owned a majority stake in Lazada since 2016.

Lazada has also grown to become one of the world’s most popular online merchants. Fashion, groceries, athletic goods, toys, household products, and technology are among the many items available to Singaporeans.

Lazada’s performance marketing strategy brings in new clients and produces revenue while preserving its market leadership in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Lazada adopted a tactic known as target outranking share to outrank its competitors on strategic key search phrases. Lazada used Google Ads to help them reach their objectives.

2. Qoo10 Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 7,850,000

Qoo10 is the second most prominent name on the list of the top eCommerce enterprises in Singapore. Qoo10 was renamed eBay in 2012 after eBay purchased Gmarket, a joint venture between eBay and Giosis. After successfully growing beyond Singapore’s boundaries, Qoo10 is now the country’s leading eCommerce company. It is well-known for its Korean merchandise, and it is a famous online marketplace with a significant presence in the women’s and fashion categories.

It also wants to strengthen its position in Japan and extend into other Asian countries.

3. Zalora

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 3.30M

Zalora is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Asia for independent designers and small businesses looking to get their items in front of the public.

The street shopper is more likely to recognize Zalora than Carousell. Purchases can be made using the company’s website or mobile app. Three years ago, a fashion e-commerce company in singapore that began in the Asia-Pacific region expanded to over 20 countries and received a $238 million investment.

Last year, they created a separate marketplace to make it easier to sell things on the site. Zalora’s blog has a lot of helpful information about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

4. Carousell Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 2.64M

Carousell was founded in the same year as Zalora and Lazada in Singapore (2012). The marketplace is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and other adjacent regions and is the leading eCommerce site in Singapore. It has since attracted money from 500 Startups, Rakuten, Sequoia Capital, Darius Cheung, and several other investors.

Automobiles, vehicle accessories, motorcycles, men’s and women’s fashion, health and beauty, and luxury items are among the products sold on the website.

5. Reebonz

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 50K

Reebonz is an excellent eCommerce site in Singapore for those who enjoy the better things in life, especially when it comes to fashion. Reebonz has over 4.5 million members and over 100,000 products for watches, jewelry, shoes, new bags, pre-owned bags, and other products, and this is a terrific website for you to visit.

6. eBay Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 1,100,000

eBay Singapore is a localized version of eBay’s US website. There are estimated to be around two million monthly visits, allowing you to find various goods and services. Automobiles, electronics, and other industrial products fall under this category. Customers can also select from a variety of vendors. The site is also viral among retailers because of its large user base.

There are over 11 billion active listings on the site, with over 26 million sellers and $8.98 billion in revenue. This high level of performance could be due to a variety of things.

The site is more than a free marketplace where anyone may advertise and sell their goods. eBay generates money through various sources, including listing and valuation fees, service costs, contractual service expenses, lead-referral commissions, and other sources.

7. Rakuten Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 63.97M

Rakuten is eBay’s long-lost overseas sister if eBay is the king of eCommerce. This online retailer, similar to Amazon, sells a wide range of things, including electronics, clothing, and vehicle accessories.

Because of aggressive acquisitions and money raising, this enormous eCommerce firm has developed worldwide. They show no signs of slowing down, despite stating earlier this year that they would need to raise US$1.5 billion to continue making investments.

8. Ezbuy Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 1,500,000

Ezbuy Singapore has become the most popular eCommerce site in Singapore, with over 1.5 million monthly visitors. The site covers a wide range of topics, including family, home, beauty, and fashion. The majority of the items are from the US, Taiwan, and Korea. In Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, the platform is also available.

Clients placed orders through the company’s website or mobile app, and Ezbuy promptly purchased and shipped things to customers.

People can now purchase and transport goods from worldwide, including well-known countries such as China, Taiwan, the United States, and others. The company has changed its name to serve its consumers better and now concentrates on offering forwarding services.

9. Shopee Singapore

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 2,600,000

It’s no surprise that Shopee, a popular eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, is thriving. Despite its late debut into the eCommerce industry, Shopee has soon caught up to become Asia’s eCommerce unicorn, utterly altering the market.

Shopee Singapore does not charge sellers a commission, allowing them to provide competitive prices to customers. This means that the merchants do not need to mark up the costs to make a profit. Shopee will also collect payment on behalf of the seller and only release amounts once the buyer has received their items.

According to the company, another advantage of Shopee is its capacity to tailor its services in each area. Shopee’s marketplaces each have cultural, linguistic, and marketing characteristics, allowing the company to employ data science in its quest for long-term viability.

It’s no surprise that Shopee, a well-known eCommerce platform, is thriving in Southeast Asia’s eCommerce market. Despite its late debut into the eCommerce business, Shopee has swiftly caught up and has emerged as Asia’s eCommerce unicorn, radically altering the market.

Shopee Singapore does not charge sellers a commission, allowing them to provide competitive pricing to customers. This means that the merchants do not need to mark up the prices to make a profit. Shopee will also collect payment on behalf of the seller and only release amounts once the buyer has received their items.

Shopee’s flexibility to personalize its offers in each area is another advantage, according to the company. Shopee’s markets each have their own cultural, linguistic, and marketing characteristics, allowing the company to apply data science to achieve long-term sustainability.

10. FairPrice On

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 1,100,000

Fairprice is a common name among Singapore’s leading eCommerce sites. On this e-commerce site, you may get almost anything, including baby products, technology, health and beauty products, lifestyle and pet products, fresh food, and other things. FairPrice On receives around 1 million visitors every month.

You can also choose from over 13,000 different products on the market. The company employs data analytics to understand its clients better, and it will send customer-centric promotions based on the data, among other things.

Mobile devices and web portals are now available for use with the platform. You can also schedule delivery to arrive at a convenient time for you.

How to Pick the Best Singapore eCommerce Company to Buy Products Online

Choosing an ecommerce company in Singapore can be difficult, especially when there are so many possibilities. When looking at e-Commerce companies in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world), the first question that comes to mind is: –

Does their site have a professional design? –

Do they provide discounts on particular products?

Does their website have a lot of reviews?

After you’ve answered those, many more questions will reveal the secrets of eCommerce success. Product availability, the convenience of ordering, ease of checkout, usability, customer service, and security are likely to be among these considerations.

At first look, all e-commerce sites appear to be the same. Not all eCommerce sites, however, are made equal. Certain websites have unique qualities that make them ideal for specific customers. Consider the case where you’re seeking high-end brands or fashion items. In this scenario, Zalora is a far better option than Fair On price due to its more extensive assortment of clothing and quick customer care.

There are so many eCommerce sites that deciding which one is best for you might be difficult. As a result, these considerations will assist you in determining which eCommerce site is best for you.

1) The Number Of Products On Offer: This measure informs us of the number of products offered on the website. The greater the number of things available for purchase, the more likely you will find what you’re looking for.

2) Affordability: This measure indicates how much you should anticipate paying for a particular item. You can check out new products and brands at lesser rates without worrying about blowing your budget all at once.

3) How Simple Is It To Order And Pay: It’s a crucial indicator for determining how easy it is to navigate a website. It is easy to locate what you require and to locate items inside the website.

Final Conclusion

This guide has compiled a top ten list of Singapore’s most excellent eCommerce enterprises. We hope you will find this list helpful in determining which company is ideal for your company. Visiting their websites and reading the evaluations left by their clients is a fantastic approach to learning more about these businesses. This can assist you in understanding their strengths and services.

While new eCommerce businesses emerge, these are the top ten in Singapore. Despite having a lot of competitors, these businesses succeed because they provide outstanding customer service and experiences.


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