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July 17, 2020
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In today’s digital age, the golden rule of marketing and sales is clear: meet your customers where they are. With the rise of online shopping, especially during the pandemic, a strong digital presence is no longer optional for retailers. It’s essential.

While Amazon is a global giant, it’s not the only gateway to reach Middle Eastern consumers. If you’re looking to expand your reach and tap into this dynamic market, here are 10 top online marketplaces to consider alongside Amazon:

A familiar and trusted platform for UAE shoppers, boasting a massive product selection, the benefits of Prime membership (including faster delivery), and secure transactions.

Monthly Traffic: Millions.

Best-Selling Categories: Diverse (Electronics, Fashion, Home-ware).

Commission Fees: Variable by category (details on Seller Central).

Pros: Global brand recognition, vast customer base, established infrastructure.

Cons: Higher competition, potentially higher fees compared to some regional players.

Why Choose

Vast product selection: Everything from everyday essentials to hard-to-find specialty items.
Prime membership perks: Free one-day or same-day delivery (on eligible orders), exclusive discounts, and access to streaming services like Prime Video.
Trusted platform: Secure transactions and reliable customer service.


A rapidly growing competitor to, offers a user-friendly interface and focuses on high-quality products across a wide range.

Monthly Traffic: Millions.

Best-Selling Categories: Electronics, Fashion, alongside regional favorites like Arabic fragrances and dates.

Commission Fees: Category-dependent (detailed breakdown on Seller Center).

Pros: Focus on quality, caters to regional preferences, potential for strong growth.

Cons: Newer platform compared to, may have a slightly smaller customer base in some regions.

Why Choose Noon?

Competitive Prices & Fast Delivery: Good deals, fast shipping (especially with Noon VIP).
Excellent Customer Service: Easy returns, helpful support, user-friendly platform.
Wide Selection: Growing variety across electronics, fashion, home goods, groceries & more.
Noon VIP Program (optional): Faster deliveries, free shipping, exclusive sales.
Supports a Regional Player: Consider Noon if you prefer a Middle Eastern e-commerce leader.


A household name in the UAE for electronics and appliances, SharafDg offers a marketplace platform alongside its own retail offerings. This allows them to leverage their established brand recognition and customer base to benefit both themselves and marketplace sellers.

Monthly Traffic: Millions (estimated).

Best-Selling Categories: Electronics, Appliances, Gadgets.

Commission Fees: Vary by category (details on website).

Pros: Strong brand recognition in the UAE, established customer base interested in electronics, potential for good product visibility.

Cons: Focus on electronics may limit reach for sellers in other categories, competition from SharafDg’s own retail offerings.

Why Choose SharafDG?

Electronics Expert: Wide selection of electronics, appliances & more in the UAE.
Trusted Retailer: Long history & strong reputation for quality products & service.
More Than Electronics: Offers personal care, health & beauty, baby products.
Strong UAE Presence: Ideal for shoppers located in the UAE.


Trendyol, a dominant force in Turkish e-commerce, offers a compelling platform for businesses looking to tap into this thriving market. Established in 2010, Trendyol boasts a massive user base and a strong reputation in Turkey.

Monthly Traffic: Estimates suggest Trendyol attracts tens of millions of monthly visitors.

Best-Selling Categories: Fashion takes center stage, with Trendyol offering a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. However, they also excel in categories like homeware, electronics, and cosmetics.

Commission Fees: Trendyol’s commission structure is variable depending on the product category. You’ll find a detailed breakdown on their Seller Center website.

Focus on Turkish Consumers: The platform caters specifically to Turkish tastes and preferences.

Why Trendyol?

Seamless Platform: Trendyol offers a user-friendly platform for sellers, making it easy to list and manage your products.
Competitive Fees: While commission structures vary, Trendyol can be a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience in Turkey.
Potential for Growth: The Turkish e-commerce market is booming, and Trendyol is at the forefront. By joining their platform, you can position yourself for growth alongside the market.


Hepsiburada, literally translating to “Everything Here” in Turkish, is a major player in the country’s booming e-commerce landscape.

Market Veteran: Launched in 2000, Hepsiburada boasts a loyal customer base and a reputation for reliability.

Monthly Traffic: Estimates suggest millions of visitors flock to Hepsiburada each month, offering a sizeable audience for your products.

Best-Selling Categories: Hepsiburada caters to a diverse range of needs, with Electronics, Fashion, Home & Living consistently ranking high. However, they also offer categories like Cosmetics, Baby & Kids, and more.

Commission Fees: Hepsiburada’s commission structure is category-dependent. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of fees on their Seller Center website.

Why Sell on Hepsiburada?

Reach a Large & Loyal Audience: Millions of established users trust Hepsiburada.
Diverse Product Categories: Sell Electronics, Fashion, Homeware & more to a broad audience.
Effortless Selling: Localization tools translate listings for Turkish buyers.
Competitive Edge: Strong local focus caters to Turkish consumer preferences.


Carrefour, a recognized brand worldwide, offers online marketplaces in several countries, most notably in the Middle East. Here’s a quick look at what Carrefour online marketplaces can offer:

Market Presence: Carrefour operates online marketplaces in various countries, including UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia (availability may vary).

Monthly Traffic: Data varies by region, but Carrefour boasts a strong brand presence, potentially attracting millions of visitors in each active market.

Best-Selling Categories: Carrefour marketplaces typically focus on groceries, household essentials, and personal care products. However, some platforms may offer wider categories like electronics.

Commission Fees: Commission structures can vary depending on the region and product category. Details are usually available on the specific Carrefour marketplace website.

Why Carrefour ?

Trusted Brand: Millions visit Carrefour online marketplaces, offering access to a loyal customer base.
Efficient Delivery: Leverage Carrefour’s logistics network for potentially faster delivery.
Click-and-Collect (optional): Offer convenient in-store pickup for some products (region dependent).
Regional Focus: Cater to local preferences with Carrefour’s regionally tailored product selection.


Namshi is a leading online fashion and lifestyle marketplace in the Middle East, headquartered in Dubai. Launched in 2011, it has established itself as a major player, particularly for fashion-conscious consumers across the region. Here’s a breakdown of what Namshi offers:

Target Audience: Fashion-savvy shoppers in the Middle East, including UAE, KSA, and other countries.

Massive Reach: Millions of potential customers visit Namshi monthly, offering significant exposure for your products.

Strong Regional Presence: Namshi boasts a well-established platform, familiar to many online shoppers in the region.

Competitive Landscape: Namshi is a popular marketplace, so consider commission fees (details on their Seller Center) and competition within your specific fashion niche.

Why choose Namshi?

Fashion & Beauty Focus: Shop a curated selection of clothing, accessories, cosmetics & more.
Easy to Use: Browse, search & filter for fashion & beauty products on a user-friendly platform.
Flexible Payment Options: Pay with cash on delivery, credit cards, or debit cards.
Find Deals: Look for frequent sales and discounts on fashion and beauty products.


With a wide range of products in various categories, Our is one of the leading online marketplaces with a strong presence in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

It is an all-round wholesaler with a special emphasis on selling electronics and appliances.

Why OurShopee?

Budget-Friendly: Lowest shipping costs in the GCC + Cash on Delivery option.
Emerging Leader: Grow with a rising e-commerce force in the GCC.
Local Focus: Caters to Middle Eastern preferences and trends.

Facebook Marketplace Dubai

While not a traditional online marketplace, Facebook Marketplace in Dubai offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers in your local area. Since Facebook is a social media platform, user numbers are exceptionally high, with billions of users globally. Facebook Marketplace thrives on diversity, with categories ranging from furniture and clothing to electronics and even vehicles.There are no direct selling fees on Facebook Marketplace.

Why choose Facebook Marketplace Dubai?

Great for Used Items: Find furniture, clothing, electronics & more at a discount.
Easy Search: Browse by category and location for targeted results.
Check Seller Profiles: See who you’re buying from/selling to for added comfort.
Declutter & Earn: Get rid of unwanted items and make some money.


The Middle East’s e-commerce market is booming, and established brands have a strong foundation. But there’s incredible potential for new players! Reach a wider audience and gain valuable market insights by selling across multiple online marketplaces. 

To stand out in this shopping zone, you need to set up your presence in at least a few online marketplaces. To know which of these work for your brand and to gain market insights across all these touch points, write to us at Vinculum.


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