Warehouse Management System: The Next Big Thing in 2022

September 19, 2022
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With the start of the new year, there always comes hope to gear up the sales and the productivity of the brand products in a significant way. The e-commerce platform has appropriate strategies and plans to run the system effectively. In managing an e-commerce platform, warehouse management plays a vital role. The seller must stay up-to-date with the product’s availability in the warehouse stores.

With the advent of technologies, customer expectations are growing and demand a thrilling experience to add the products to their collection. These days e-commerce businesses aim to fast delivery of products and look to reinvent the warehouse system to serve the purpose distinctively. The picking, packing, and delivery of the products are done in an optimized and transparent way to win the customer’s trust effectively.

The warehouse management is on the verge of using the latest technology and integrated software that would be a cost-effective and fast way to enhance warehouse operations. In this article, you will get to know about the top warehouse trends to run the market sales prominently.

Automation (AI & Machine Learning)

These days warehouse industries are consolidating with the latest technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics to run the e-commerce business appropriately.

In a country like India, access to robotics is far way difficult because of its labor-intensive. Implementing robotics, AI, and machine learning in warehouse management requires time as it reduces human effort and error. With such technologies, the warehouse system will grow 2X times faster in the next two years.

The usages of such technologies, along with the solutions, are mentioned below:

  • It helps in self-managing the inventory to decrease manual work or human effort.
  • It helps deliver the stuff in real-time, and the process can be easily tracked. The customers can keep track of the packaging, shipping, and delivery of the things in an appropriate way.
  • Even the eCommerce industries can forecast their warehouse needs and implement the steps for future needs.

Sustainable Warehousing

Sustainable warehousing is the new trend to rule the marketplace magnificently. The e-commerce owners are choosing sustainable warehouses shortly for the benefit of the country and human beings too. Time is needed to reduce carbon footprints and manage the country with the right strategies and planning.

Invest in Energy-efficient Equipment

Investing in energy-efficient equipment is one of the best ways to access the warehouse more effectively and in an eco-friendly way.

Use Less Packaging

The packaging of the brand products is done correctly as it helps minimize the cost at times of shipping of the stuff. These days packing materials have changed to biodegradable materials to fulfill the sustainable goal of nature.

The difference between the packing materials is explained straightforwardly. Using synthetic plastics takes a hundred years to decompose, whereas biodegradable materials take a couple of years to degrade. Following such a process helps in minimizing carbon footprints in a significant way.

Insulate your Warehouse Properly

The warehouse needs to be insulated correctly as poor insulation will disturb the temperature control to manage the warehouse set-up when the warehouse is protected in the right way under climate-controlled air inside the warehouse to run the system effectively. It also helps in reducing the energy bills of warehouse management.

Block-Chain Technology

In terms of efficient access to warehouse management, many stakeholders are looking into it. Some are auditors, suppliers, warehouse managers, customers, manufacturers, and many more on the excellent establishment of the warehouse. In the current scenario, there is a rise in Blockchain technology to manage the warehouse and its numerous transactions, documents, and tracking of assets to run the process productively.

The Right Warehouse Location

The warehouse should be located near bridges or highways to deliver the brand products to the right destination. With the increase in e-commerce platforms, there is a need to establish more warehouses to serve the business’s purpose prominently.

Building Quality

These days a high level of goods is delivered to maintain the quality of the brand products. The warehouse needs to maintain its quality to store the stocks. The need of the time is to keep in mind that its structural and electrical potentials are maintained rightly with certain limitations.

Cross-dock Capacities

Cross-dock capacities help optimize last-mile activities to overcome challenges and dynamically enhance sales. Cross-docking, in its true sense, deals with receiving goods at one place and delivering or shipping to another safely and securely. The transportation is done very effectively and helps in eliminating the storage of food and beverages.


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