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Manage Returns Marketplace

Manage Returns Marketplace

Manage Returns Effectively to delight Your Customers

One of the key driving forces in customer retention depends on how well a marketplace manages customer returns. Simple and convenient returns processes can encourage the customers to buy more. For online players, product return rates are significantly higher than those for brick-and- mortar retailers and vary largely among categories.

Vin eRetail helps Marketplaces streamline their returns processes by:

• Tracking returns
• Integrating with 3PL companies for return to region
• Processing part order returns
• Configuring returns processes and returns reason code
Vin eRetail’s robust returns management functionality helps marketplaces fulfill returns effectively and efficiently, track and reduce returns by delivering the right product to the right customer, and save the cost of managing returns with ready integrations to 3PL and last-mile fulfillment companies.